What is Continuum?

Rumored a little before build 2015 and confirmed during that conference.  Microsoft announced a new feature in my mind will march windows 10 mobile strait into the enterprise.

The name of this feature is ‘Continuum’ –  I’m sure you will come to know this name.


Basically as windows 10 mobile is really almost identical to windows 10 PC. It gives you phone access to it. All it needs is a bigger screen and a optional keyboard. I guess you can think of it like a responsive web site. If you are using a full screen then you get to use it as real machine with real office real apps. Just like you would normally, but you can then take your phone walk away and keep working on it, or just minimize it and make a call and put it in your pocket. Its all possible now, thanks to modern smartphone power and continuum.

Sounds basic, right? Well think of it in this way. A new trend in offices, is this open planned design, where most people don’t have a set desk, you just kinda walk up and grab the next free desk and work. (guess it makes staff want to start early to get a good desk). Now that’s easier said then done. The IT systems behind it are vast and complex. Its a balancing game, how do you do this is it VDI like Citrix Xendesktop, or VMware horizon View?  Another options is Laptops  …. laptops give the best user experience but most expensive optional and a new set of issues like docking stations with different models ect… ok I drift on but these are all concerns that I think this will address by this.

watch the video below….

“You’ll be able to carry a new phone devices in your pocket,” he says, “and then, at any time, connect it to a mouse, keyboard and larger screen [to] unleash a PC experience almost just like the one you’d get from a full PC device.”

Well now over at NeoWin, they have just leaked a new document that talks about the docking stations that will work with this feature. 🙂

Put this all together back to the original example of open planned office. Now the desks could be equipped with a relatively inexpensive dock, keyboard, mouse and monitor. The user just walks up, drops or plugs in the phone to charge and instantly they can work as normal. Sounds kinda cool hey? Or maybe when traveling can connect the phone to a hotel room TV and instant work station..

Time will tell if I’m right but I really think this is going to be a game changer…..


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