New Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

This is just a quick post to give an update to all you people that don’t follow IT religiously some of the new products that have been announced today and released end of the month

Microsoft has announced the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

What’s a Surface Book I hear you ask? Well looks like it’s a laptop with a thinner surface (minus the USB ports) and a detachable dock. Apart from that it has an NVidia GPU in the base as well I assume more batteries. This should solve some of the issues some of the other 2 in 1 had being too top heavy. The keyboard is meant to be the best typing experience available and the touch pad is glass giving it an amazing feel. This device is a direct competition to the Macbook Pro but this device is 2x faster than the Mac with all the other extras.



If all you want is the original Surface Pro then the Surface Pro 4 has also been announced I’m still trying to find out if either of them have an LTE option I really have they do. The new Surface Pro 4 is thinner lighter and faster than the Pro 3.



There is also a new docking station that works with both the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 that is very small and can take two 4K monitors. All in all looks like Microsoft has really come to the game. Me personally I think I’m going to get a Surface book and can’t wait.

On a side note the new phones are out and continuum is also out with it I believe this will be amazing ill writing something on this later.

If there is anything facts you would like to know or think I should add please feel free to let me know

David Belyea


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