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After my blog on Continuum yesterday and how I think its going to move into the business sector. looks like that’s exactly where Microsoft is focusing on if you see this post .

In the near term, we will run a more effective phone portfolio, with better products and speed to market given the recently formed Windows and Devices Group. We plan to narrow our focus to three customer segments where we can make unique contributions and where we can differentiate through the combination of our hardware and software

The focus areas he is referring to is

Value phones
“We’ll bring value phone buyers the communications services they want”
•Business phones
“We’ll bring business customers the best management, security and productivity experiences they need”
“We’ll bring Windows fans the flagship devices they’ll love”

I really hope this all goes to plan for them and business can get over the negative image they have from 10+ years ago as it really looking like a game changing design.



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