Microsoft Wi-Fi app

With the release of Windows 10 just under a month away Microsoft has released a new build to those in the fast ring  10158. One of nice new “app” that Microsoft has now included with us is called Microsoft Wi-Fi. If you use skype a lot you might have noticed when your traveling around and you go into a coffee shop or maybe a burger king and started your laptop skype’s toast notification says there WI-FI available.

What this is, to my understanding is a agreement with lots of hot spot providers that use Skype as a way to manage paying for your connected time. If you have Skype credit and let face not all of us do, then you could say connect and bingo internet. This internet access has saved me a few times traveling when i need to make a hotel booking.

Now that its being moved out of Skype and into Microsoft store this will open up the usability of it as more people would or soon will have Microsoft store accounts then maybe Skype account with credit pre-loaded.

Will be a nice addition i think.

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