IP Camera Default Usernames Password and IP Addresses

I think i’m going to store useful links here with a description. Found this link the useful part I have copied to here for your reference if u have a new camera that’s not in this list I would click the link as they say they will keep it up to date.

Complete List of Every IP Camera Default Username Password and IP Address

Below you’ll find a Complete List of Every IP Camera Default Username Password and IP Address. The list is ever growing and constantly updated. If you don’t see your camera’s information or you have a correction or addition to make please contact us.

Camera Manufacturer Username Password Default IP
3xLogic admin 12345
ACTi Admin 123456
ACTi admin 123456
Arecont admin no set password no default/DHCP
Avigilon admin admin no default/DHCP
Axis root pass
Axis root no set password
Basler admin admin 192.168.100.x
Bosch service service
Bosch Dinion no set password
Brickcom admin admin
Canon root Model# of camera
CBC Ganz admin admin 192.168.100.x
Cisco no default no set password
CNB root admin
Costar root root
Dahua admin admin
Dahua 888888 888888
Dahua 666666 666666
GeoVision admin admin
Grandstream admin admin
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234 no default/DHCP
IOImage admin admin
IPX-DDK root admin
IPX-DDK root Admin
IQInvision root system no default/DHCP
JVC admin Model# of camera no default/DHCP
Merit Lilin Camera admin pass no default/DHCP
Merit Lilin Recorder admin 1111 no default/DHCP
Messoa admin Model# of camera
Mobotix admin meinsm no default/DHCP
Panasonic admin 12345
Panasonic admin1 password
Pelco admin admin no default/DHCP
PiXORD admin admin
PiXORD root pass
QVIS Admin 1234
Samsung root 4321
Samsung root admin
Samsung admin 4321
Samsung admin 1111111
Sanyo admin admin
Sentry360 Admin 1234
Sony admin admin
Speco root root
Speco admin admin
StarDot admin admin no default/DHCP
Starvedia admin no set password no default/DHCP
Toshiba root ikwb
UDP root unknown unknown
Ubiquiti ubnt ubnt
Verint admin admin no default/DHCP
VideoIQ supervisor supervisor no default/DHCP
Vivotek root no set password no default/DHCP



  1. Tom June 4, 2016

    hot house-IP-camera admin1 pass: 123

    • David Belyea June 4, 2016

      Thanks I’ll update the post tomorrow with the updates

    • Tom April 5, 2017

      Now admin admin

  2. ron November 4, 2016

    Tactic Droneview IP Camera IP: L:root P:(unknown)

  3. jehd January 19, 2017

    Me i ask if what is the default password & user name for this ipcamera.?

    Brand: Rover
    Model: RNB13GCL

    • David Belyea January 20, 2017

      I’m. It sure maybe someone else who might know could help

  4. Matt January 20, 2017

    Do you have account for Grain-Media or Winpossee

  5. Arcadian June 10, 2017

    Anyone Knows the default password for a AVC7221/a IPCamera?!?!?!
    Says it made by liveline. also says Victory Multimedia (which is out of business) go figures

    Email me or post here!

    Much Thanks and Appreciation!!!

  6. Anthony curry June 28, 2017

    Lost info for dvr after wife left me.
    Cant log in to my cctv

  7. Chris Fletcher October 27, 2017

    Could you add the details for Clever Dog smart cameras? Thank you kindly.

  8. jack January 7, 2018



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