High mobile data usage on IOS 9

Looks like apple has forgot that not every country in the world has unlimited data on the mobile (cellular) plans, and here in Australia you can’t get one even if you wanted to. With that in mind this blog post is to avoid people from having a surprisingly high mobile data usage on IOS 9.

So for all those that have or manage iPhone’s, there is a new feature that has been enabled by default. That I think everyone needs to be aware, WIFI assist. If like me you live in a country that has big houses and expensive mobile data you will really need to turn it off.  Why you might ask. 

What it does is quite cleaver in some ways, if your WIFI starts to get weak and slow, say maybe your wireless router is over the other side of your house, the iphone will think its better to use MOBILE DATA EVEN THOUGH IT’s ON WIFI. This would be great if you have an unlimited data plan shocking if not. Apple if you read this please change the default in counties that could never have unlimited data say Australia.

If you don’t understand how annoying this might be, I have read that some people are your 2 to 3 GB more just on twitter and Facebook and heaven help youtubers. Some could easily get a few 100 data bill.

So how to we turn it off

  1. Goto Settings then mobile (or cellular in some counties)


2. Scroll to the bottom




3. Move the slider so you cant see any green as Above.. and there you go no surprise data Bill.


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